Mtn call bundle codes

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Mtn call bundle codes

But since we are here for looking for the best and most affordable MTN call tariff plans, then we are going to focus on the XtraTalk Bundles that offers airtime for voice calls. Unfortunately… This tariff plan depletion rate on a high side.

mtn call bundle codes

Charges per minutes for off-net and on-net calls are based on your prefered bundle See table below for airtime depletion rate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. We would love to hear from you!

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Okay, if you're Viklin - February 28, 1. Viklin - February 28, 5. This post contains the latest McMartin - February 19, Viklin - February 19, Call Tariffs Telcos. Read More.

All MTN internet bundle codes in Ghana

October 11, They are: XtraTalk Bundles — Offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume XtraData Bundles — Offers more volume of Data than airtime for voice calls But since we are here for looking for the best and most affordable MTN call tariff plans, then we are going to focus on the XtraTalk Bundles that offers airtime for voice calls.

Table of Contents.MTN is by far the largest in terms of market share and among the best in mobile network service providers in Ghana. As a premier in the industry, MTN offers several good packages and today you would know all the MTN bundle codes and make a choice for yourself. In addition, I would also give you a detailed list of all MTN internet packages for your good browsing experience. You can also check out the list of Vodafone Bundle Codes in Ghana from the above link.

Subscribe to the blog for more. In case I have enough data bundle on my phone and I want to transfer it to another phone, will it be possible. Please, I have enough data bundle on my phone and I want to transfer it to another phone, will it be possible. How do I stop a bundle service charge of pay as you go or browsing from my main account. Thank you. Your email address will not be published.

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Faculty : August 10, at am. Do you have an hour bundle data plan? Okwanga Mazidi : November 25, at pm. In fact i really appretiated your service and i am only wishing you people the best. Thankd Reply. Mentox Stiky : December 9, at am. Please can I get the codes for transferring bundle to bundle…. Van : January 2, at pm. I need the code to register for the first 5 minutes of 25pesewas Reply. Samuel Ofosu Asiam : April 3, at pm.

Jacob Narh : July 13, at am. In case I have enough data bundle on my phone and I want to transfer it to another phone, will it be possible Reply. Kofi : July 20, at am. Mack : July 20, at pm.Cell Broadcast is a message that you can setup on your phone which will then display your area info. To setup Cell Broadcast you can follow these easy steps, it may differ depending on the phone you have. You can also check your phone manual or contact to help setup Cell Broadcast.

NRC, drivers license or passport. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. MTN short codes. This operation is free of charge. You will be charged from the next time. You will be presented with menu options. You will then be presented with the various SMS bundle offers from which you can select. Then press 1 for call rates, or 2 for SMS rates. You will be presented with various self service options.

If you need more help press 0 to speak to a call centre agent. Your account balance is Kxxxx. Your new account balance is Kxxxx. You will then be presented with the various data bundle offers from which you can select. MTNZ Missed Call notification This service allows for subscribers to receive a notification of numbers that have called them whilst they were unavailable.

mtn call bundle codes

To activate, dialselect option 1 to activate and follow the voice instructions. Type SOS space xxxxx and send to To activate your Blackberry service select option 1. You will be presented with a daily, weekly and monthly option to select from. Once the service is activated, remember to activate your call diverts or call forwarding by selecting your desired option when you would like your voicemail to kick in, for example: when you are busy, unreachable, or your phone is off. You will be credited the Kwacha equivalent to your account.

You will then be presented with the various bundle offers from which you can select. Contact our call centre for free by dialling To modify or change a number, you need to know the position of the number you would like to change. For a tutorial, send a blank message to or dial Compose a text message. Enter the email address of the recipient, leave a space, type the message and send to This service allows for subscribers to receive a notification of numbers that have called them whilst they were unavailable.Although change is not easy, it is good.

This is a welcomed change in the mobile network. The introduction of codes that enable customers to access new internet and voice packages make service delivery easy. MTN codes help customers retrieve voice messages, check airtime and internet bundle balance, and easily contact customer care. Users can now manage their data and voice plans to appropriate affordable levels. You need to know the right MTN codes in order to take advantage of the cheap bundles.

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Check out what you can explore. The internet has become a part of our lives and people throughout the world depend on it for their everyday activities such as research, communication, and education. In the contemporary society, there is a tremendous internet revolution in Africa especially in Ghana facilitated by MTN. The users of MTN Ghana have managed to improve their access to the world wide web. One of the best ways to continue being connected with your family and friends is by communicating with them on regular occasions.

Currently, people are spending a lot on SMS and calls made to their friends and families with a few of them maximizing on the MTN internet bundle. Fortunately, MTN has some of the best bundle offers. Device bundle is obtained after buying a particular device. The amount of bundle received depends on the type of device bought. The IDD Bundle Offer is designed in a unique manner so as to allow the users to enjoy 50 percent discounts on calls made outside Ghana. The users of this bundle offer are allowed to enjoy the provided minutes to communicate across 4 zones throughout the world.

mtn call bundle codes

There is also another unlimited bundle that is available from 3 am to 5 am for only 1 GHz. After you have subscribed you will download and browse at an unlimited speed. Many people have been using it for some time now.

How to get Free 10GB 4G Data dial Only One Code - Free 10 gb Data offer - Technical Help

A fair usage policy has been applied in order to avoid abuse and make sure that all users get good experience. If you need to subscribe for the midnight unlimited bundle follow the procedure below:. When you buy a 30 day unlimited internet bundle the policy below will be applied by MTN:. You can also achieve the internet settings manually through the following procedures:. If there is still no internet access, it will be advisable to visit the nearest MTN internet customer care in order to be assisted.

MTN offers the highest quality data services that are affordable and fast. You will receive prompts that will guide you through the process of activation. Thereafter, you will receive a message from MTN to confirm that the activation process was successful. The data package comes with free whatsapp, free calls, free twitter, and free Facebook depending on your choice of subscription. The MTN data bundles in Ghana are categorized into daily, weekly and monthly packages.

There are two options when you dial the code. When you choose option 2, you will immediately receive a confirmation message which will determine if you will need a 4 G Smartphone or SIM card or both. You will continue having access to all information existing in the old SIM card.

It is important to get your 4 G internet settings right.MTN Nigeria has several interesting data plan offers for all mobile devices, modems and routers. This guide will provide you with the price list and subscription codes for the various MTN data plans up for grab. Needless to say, getting an internet subscription has become one of the basic necessities in this modern generation.

Everyone needs to keep track of thing or the other on the internet; and thank goodness for all the cheap data plans and bundles on MTN, you can do all the things you need to get done without having to spend a fortune. You can read them and compare for yourself to know if any of them have offers cheaper than MTN data plans. MTN Nigeria currently has 2 data bundles for anyone looking to subscribe to the internet for just one day. They are:. This weekly plan is quite cheaper than the previous.

You get a value of one naira per MB. Fortunately, MTN Nigeria has 6 options for any customer interested in getting a monthly subscription, depending your data volume needs or your financial capabilities; they are:. Your subscription to this bundle will expire in exactly 30 days. However, unused data will be rolled-over if you decide to renew your subscription. Also, your subscription is valid for 30 days only.

No more, no less. To get 2. You subscription to this bundle is also valid for 30 days only within which you must exhaust all data volume or auto renew so as to avoid unused data getting wiped off. This the biggest monthly MTN data bundle up for grab.

If you intend to subscribe to a data plan with a longer validity period, then there are two other options available for you to choose from. All of those plans have unique subscription codes to access data daily, weekly or monthly for surfing only your preferred social platform.

You must take note, however, that whatever data you get for one platform will not work on other platforms.

mtn call bundle codes

Also, subscription to Goody bag gets renewed automatically. To avoid this, you need to send the appropriate code as applied to your subscription to Almost all the networks in Nigeria claim to offer the cheapest data plans; even MTN has pasted several ads claiming to offer the cheapest bundles for all internet lover. The things is if we start over comparing things, we may get stuck in a debate.

There are a few things you must take note of, though. Only the daily subscriptions come with bonuses. In most cases if you insert an MTN SIM to your mobile device for the very first time, you should get a message containing all the settings for that device.

All you have to do is save it and begin to enjoy steady access to the internet, provided you are subscribed to one of the MTN data plans already listed in this guide.

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MTN Bundle Codes and Short Codes in Ghana

Privacy Policy. Sign up. Password recovery. Friday, April 10, About us. By Matt Stephens. November 3, But on a brighter side, i think most of the network providers are also concerned with satifying the needs of their customers so as not to lose them to other providers.

However, on this piece today, we are going to talk about the MTN Xtravalue; A two-in-One Bundle plan that offers you both airtime for voice calls and Data for internet activities. MTN XtraValue Bundle; this is a plan that allows you purchase a bundle that gives you exciting and incredible amount of airtime for voice calls and awesome volume of Data to add to it. Prepaid customers will be automatically migrated to xtravalue plan after subscribing to any xtravalue plan while postpaid customers will enjoy the bundle from their respective tariff plan after subscribing to any Xtravalue bundle plan.

Another interesting benefit of these MTN XtraValue tariff plans is that some can also be used while roaming, although it depends on the particular bundle you want to subscribe to in the Xtravalue plan. MTN also covers more countries than Glo Nigeria which covers only about 30 countries in their various tariff plans with roaming plan.

And of course, the King of Roaming Services Airtel. Airtel covers more countries in their roaming plans than these two networks combined. They are the best so far on roaming plans. Subscribing to this XtraValue plan is easy. The tariff plan will auto-renew on exhaustion. Some of the 19 countries are African countries, Asian countries, British and more.

Below are compiled list of how to subscribe to subscribe to various bundles on Xtratalk which is one of the bundle types. This Plan is valid for a period of 7 days and ca only be used locally, this means on this plan you can only make calls to other networks in Nigeria.

This plan has a valid for a period of 30 days. The table below depicts all the information on Xtravalue Bundles: XtraTalk and XtraData, the voice and data allowance, benefits and activation codes as well. Well, here you have it. If you do more of the voice calling, then this is the best bundle you can activate and enjoy on the MTN Tarfif plans.Telecommunication companies have tried as much as possible to ensure that they make their services efficient and convenient for ease of access.

By doing so, they have come up with short codes that enable users access services easily. Being informed of the MTN USSD codes can go a long way as it saves you too much that you would have spent on the long methods of accessing services.

MTN is one of the most influential and most convenient mobile service providers. Since the mobile service provider has millions of users who are registered to it, there is a need for the company to make its services convenient for use by its users.

Some of these codes have been in use for quite some time, hence most users are familiar with them. Others have not been used by most people, hence some clients do not know they exist. Therefore, this list will help you keep up with them.

Even though USSD codes for MTN aim at making it simpler for users to manoeuvre through the services that the mobile service providers offer, there are instances that require the codes to be changed, For that case, users are advised to ensure that they are updated on the codes at all times. This list of the most recently updated short codes as per the MTN menu that will come in handy. The voicemail short code for MTN users is So, if you want to access anything related to your voicemail, you can dial that MTN voicemail number.

For non-MTN users or those using landlines, the code to use is Dialling and selecting option 3 for changing your MTN voicemail greetings. Non-MTN users can do so by dialling followed by the nine digits of their phone number. Dialling and selecting option 4 for autoplay voicemail messages. Non-MTN users can access this service by dialling; followed by the nine digits of their phone number.

Dialling and selecting the option for changing the voicemail password. Non-MTN users can access this service by dialling followed by the nine digits of their phone number. For automatic voicemail, the code to use iswhereas that for non-MTN users, the code to use is For direct voicemail, dial followed by the nine digits of the number that you wish to leave your voicemail to. For no-MTN users, the code to use is followed by the nine digits of the number you wish to leave a voice mail to.

You could also check your balance using the MTN codes. This is the check balance MTN code for airtime check. In most occasions, you can access the services without the help of an agent. The MTN self service number is The code to use is They are, however, limited to accessing the self-service menu.

Being one of the most influential internet service providers, MTN has the best deals when it comes to data bundles. The best part of it is that you can purchase the internet bundles using the short codes. If you want to check your data balance, there are two ways of checking the balance.

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The first method is by texting '2' to


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